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  • Zoo News

    Can you believe it has already been 200 episodes?! Thank you so much to everyone for 200 amazing days of adventure, exploration, animal studying, goat wrangling, chocobo-breeding, meteor dodging fun!

    Our community has grown so much and we're not slowing down - here's to another awesome 200 episodes of adventure and fun!

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  • Other Updates

    Our Pixelmon series will be updating soon - and showing off some amazing additions to the Spawn Village!

    Rumor has it that a very special Zoo Keepers Club will be opening up soon! What is this about getting a real life delivery of an animal every month?!

    Our Sims 2 series will be returning soon with a new and challenging set of custom Build-A-City-Challenge rules!

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  • The Tree of Illumination Blooms!

    Our beautiful sacred sapling tree finally has some blooms growing! More »

  • Endangered! Continues to Grow!

    Finances have stabilized thanks to the dinosaur cloning program and new animals are on their way! More »

  • Adopt A Mooshroom!

    Now, if you would like, you can get an adorable mooshroom of your very own! More »

Zoo Crafting 200th Episode Celebration!

Wow!! Can you guys believe it?! We have now officially had over 200 days of adventure and exploration in our Zoo Crafting series! So much has changed over the last seven months - a whole new world, new projects and zoos to build, new friends joining us on the adventure, and an expanded community to enjoy all of it with us together! This is fantastic, thank you all so much for your support, creativity, and curiosity!

Our mission to educate while entertaining our community has only deepened and there are many fantastic goals ahead for us, including getting the zoo in top shape so that we can start releasing world downloads so that everyone can enjoy being a guest in the zoo!

I've also put a lot of work into getting our new website up and going so we finally have a fantastic archive that we can see all of the places, people, and events that make up our Zoo Crafting world of Zoodesia, as well as information about the other series that we enjoy!

After careful thought and a lot of soul-searching, I've also added some information about how you could support our community if you would like to! We've got an awesome list of donation gifts available - including some hand-made figures from me, mailed right to you! You can check out our Patreon, our Etsy shop, or our Support Page for more information.

Don't forget, the support you give through your time watching our adventure, your likes on our videos, your comments, sharing stories with us about the animals or plants you come across, fan art, your curiosity... all those things are the heart and soul of this community, and I can't thank all of you enough for the joy your happiness and excitement brings to my daily life.

That said, now that some of these major projects have been successfully hatched, we will be moving onto some fantastic new content! Get ready for some awesome new adventures everyone! More »

Seri! Let's Play!

Welcome to the official website for the Seri! Let's Play! Channel! Our mission is to encourage curiosity and share knowledge about the natural world through the mediums of video games, story-telling, and our wonderful community!

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